Honor has been on a roll during the past couple of months, starting phones across cost mounts and attribute collections. The Honor 10 was that this season’s flagship that was assumed to go head-to-head together with all the OnePlus 6, and today, we’ve got the Honor 9n, that will be the organization’s budget section offering. The Honor 9N includes a small specification group, the guarantee of GPU Turbo, plus a fairly neat build & layout.

Construct and Design

The Honor 9N is created from 12-layered glass that follows a very similar layout language into the Honor 10. Contrary to the Honor 10 that had a very seamless mix of the rear with the metallic framework, the Honor 9N feels just like three different layers; the glass rear along with the glass held collectively by the metallic framework. The glass trunk feels like polycarbonate, and the one thing wrong with it is that you may believe the telephone is more powerful than it really is.

I have had a lousy experience with phones that have a glass rear, so the added case from the box is a welcome inclusion. Honestly, using glass on smartphones that don’t possess wireless charging makes very little sense because it makes the phone much more likely to damage than their metal counterparts. The fingerprint sensor sits on the rear of the unit rather than being on front. The positioning of the fingerprint sensor is a really personal option, since I prefer it to the front, although others favor it to be about the trunk. In any event, it is not hard to achieve for one-handed operation.


The Honor 9N is accompanied by an FHD+ 19:9 screen. The 2280×1080 pixels are all inserted to a 5.8-inch screen, giving it a powerful pixel density of approximately 432ppi, a sufficiently large amount by most criteria. The smartphone comes with an IPS-LCD screen which means exceptional color reproduction and incredibly striking viewing angles. The elite is supposed to provide more property but nevertheless remains a hotly debated layout option, as it appears to take away as far as it provides. The telephone is not bezel-less since it has rather miniscule bezels on the side, and also a notable chin in the base used for branding.

In my usage, I discovered that the Honor 9N’s screen to be somewhat impressive. The entire HD resolution clearly makes things appear great. Outdoors, the screen keeps its sharpness, however, the reflective screen does make it challenging to view films, though you need to have the ability to surf the internet and respond to texts without a lot of trouble.

At night while reading a novel on the telephone, it was fine to have the ability to turn down the brightness to 1 minute, a very comfortable amount of lighting for studying in pitch darkness. Even though there’s a blue light filter, the screen settings also give users the capability to listen to the color tint manually, along with a standard”hot” and”trendy” screen setting. Regrettably, there’s absolutely no method to listen to the saturation of this screen.

All in all, the screen of this Honor 9N is very practical, with great saturation levels straight from the box. The ability to listen to the white balance of this screen is fine, but too little saturation control may be bothersome. Though the Honor 9N’s screen is nicely balanced, people who enjoy their screen saturation to be greater than normal wouldn’t be delighted with the absence of the ability to fine tune this facet of the screen. The entire purpose of this new 19:9 aspect ratio is to have the ability to give bezel-less screens, but the Honor 9N retains the bezels, however narrow they’re.


The Honor 9N is powered with the Kirin 695 chipset and also our inspection unit is your 4GB RAM version with 64GB storage. Huawei, Honor’s parent firm, recently declared GPU Turbo, a characteristic that the company will roll out via a software upgrade to raise the performance pushed from the GPU while gambling. This attribute is coming to numerous Huawei and Honor phones and is now unavailable for its Honor 9N. It is, nevertheless, anticipated later this year by means of a software upgrade.

In our benchmarks, the telephone doesn’t fare quite well. It scored 184 from the GFX Bench Car Chase evaluation and 936 from the Geekbench Single Core evaluation. These figures reveal that the Honor 9N is not precisely the gaming monster you’d like it to be. We researched this further within our gaming sessions together with the telephone.

Asphalt Extreme works smooth, however there’s a visibly lower quantity of chemical effects. While driving through water or dirt, you’ll discover the water (or even the dirt) which is kicked up from the tyres seem much more like square blobs compared to the actual thing. When playing the identical game on higher-end apparatus, these flaws are a lot nicer and a lot more well defined. The gameplay itself is not too problematic, with everything operating smoothly. Playing with PUBG on the telephone, the loading times were slow along with the textures were not as visually attractive, then again, the gameplay was fairly easy. Taking aim with and with no sights was again stutter-free. Shadowgun Legends is where I discovered the maximum lag, both through assignments and in the reception. The stutters were not excessive for the most part, but occasionally once the map had a lot of competitions, things became quite slow and therefore, the sport became too slow to perform correctly.


The Honor 9N includes double cameras on the trunk, using a 13+2 Megapixel configuration. The camera is an depth-sensing unit using a aperture of f/0.95 to help in portrait-mode shots as it happens, Honor has been perfecting this technology within every iteration. In my usage, I discovered that the portrait style shots to be somewhat well processed. I could correct the”virtual aperture” that would ascertain the power of the bokeh effect.

For utilizing the camera at the daytime, there is little to whine. The colors are rich, the attention is surprisingly fast, and there is no shutter lag. There isalso, however, a portion of a minute’s gap until you are able to take the next picture. The colors and contrast are great, and the dynamic range is rather okay, but do not expect miracles. The highlights blow off fast if shooting in harsh light. I ended up analyzing the camera while it was mainly cloudy, with intermittent sunlight, therefore the samples I ended up becoming are about the considerably nicer side. There’s not any OIS nonetheless, the EIS will not figure out how to help a bit in getting the best shot. Nonetheless, this really is a constant problem with most smartphones, even the majority of the luxury ones.

In this photo, not just are the details entirely lost, but sound is visible also. I ventured outside and took a little more night time photographs (and selfies) and noticed that the low light operation of the Honor 9N is only barely passable, at best.

The telephone ran for approximately four and a half an hour prior to PCMark crashed (that was towards the close of the evaluation ) and keeps crashing because. I take off the phone charge at 8 pm and need to plug it back by 10 p.m. or place it on battery saver mode if I have been out more. Typically, I’ve better battery life from telephones using a comparable battery capability, so that I was somewhat letdown. Additionally, the absence of rapid charging does pinch a bit since the telephone takes approximately 110 minutes to go from 0 to 100% fee. I do often depart both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on constantly, which means you could have the ability to find a complete day’s worth of use from this telephone, but I was not able to accomplish this.


The Honor 9N brings the Honor 10’s tasteful layout to some sub 15K cost point, but the corners which have needed to be trimmed are obvious. The construct feels nice and mild and while the trunk is constructed from glass, it seems more like plastic. The telephone utilizes an older Kirin 659 chipset that only barely was able to provide adequate performance. Honor would need to work hard at ensuring that each system upgrade rolled out of here is focused on performance optimization. For the asking price of Rs. 13,999, the telephone does provide decent value when thinking about the entire HD IPS LCD screen along with the camera. Another reason to consider purchasing the Honor 9N is the choice of colors, which many other manufacturers selling within this price bracket do not provide, which is up to that phone’s USPs go.

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